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Lou Vukas – Extends Financial Help to Smile Train Foundation

CHICAGO, IL – Renowned business expert and founder of G&N Corporation, Lou Vukas, announced a generous donation to support Smile Train, a charity that helps children suffering from cleft lip and palate in over 85 developing countries. A frequent contributor to the New York-based international non-profit, Vukas has to date enabled over 20 children to receive the surgeries they need. As a result, he saved them and their families from the psychological and physical challenges that accompany this birth defect, including low self-esteem, dependence on parents, speech difficulties, and ear conditions like glue ear (source:

Founded in 1999, Smile Train offers 100% free cleft repair surgery to over 128,000 children every year. The international children’s charity trains local doctors to perform these surgeries. Participating doctors are then instructed to teach others, creating a sustainable system that currently operates on 350 children each day. With the help of donations, Smile Train contributes at least $250 per surgery and provides for the medical equipment, operating rooms’ infrastructure, ancillary treatment, funds for poor patients, and training and education for medical staff (source: In addition to Vukas, many celebrities are actively supporting the foundation including Grant Balfour, Tatyana Ali, Stephen Colbert, Jane Kaczmarek, and Reba McEntire.

Commenting on his latest donation, Lou Vukas highlighted the importance of the cause: “Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. Their arms are what will pave the road to the future of mankind,” he said. “Allowing them to suffer later because of a defect that could easily be remedied now is just cruel. Smile Train is truly a unique foundation as it helps the physique and psyche of children, allowing them to step up confidently and become tomorrow’s leaders. The organization is also a godsend to parents who may be burdened financially, physically and emotionally by their children’s own challenges.”

A confident investor who never fears stating what others shy from, Lou Vukas touched the sensitive topic of how cultures treat cleft lip and palate sufferers. “Unfortunately, children with this birth defect tend to be treated differently and mocked in schools,” he added. “Children here in the U.S. have been bullied by their peers and judged mercilessly by adults as well. Take for instance the Pussycat Dolls’ Carmit Bachar; she battled through the jeers until she no longer needed more surgeries around her 16th birthday. In some less civilized communities, these procedures would cost an arm and a leg, causing parents and children to be shunned by society. Both genders would be deprived from simple rights, including peace of mind and marrying who they want. Thankfully, Smile Train is making a difference each day, giving the sufferers of this issue a chance at a dignified existence.”

Self-taught real estate maven Lou Vukas has gained a reputation for his keen eye for profitable investments. In addition to owning gastronomic businesses, he has invested in the construction industry and even traded in commodities such as crude oil. Through his latest endeavor, G&N Corporation, Vukas and his team provide clients with an extensive portfolio on lucrative real estate ranging from raw land to commercial properties and all the way to casinos. Aside from Smile Train, the renowned investor supports a number of other charities and non-profit organizations, including the Guide Dog Foundation, which promotes the independence and mobility of visually impaired individuals by providing them with trained dogs.

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