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Founder and CEO of G&N Corporation, Lou Vukas, is a sought-after real estate advisor who assists clients in investing in profitable projects and developments

Lou Vukas is a renowned business maven who launched multiple successful companies in the course of his career and has gained a reputation as a self-taught real estate expert with a keen eye for profitable investment opportunities.

Vukas’ past projects are as diverse as they are impressive: He owned a number of gastronomic businesses, gained experience leading a construction and asphalt company, successfully established himself as a commodities trader specializing in crude oil futures and followed his passion for real estate by founding and managing his own property management company.

His latest endeavor, G&N Corporation, is a startup that praises itself for offering clients an extensive portfolio of income-producing real estate. Together with a team of six skilled professionals in their respective field, Lou Vukas plans on investing money in promising real estate, ranging from raw land and new developments to commercial property, residential rental properties, and casinos for a percentage of ownership.

In true Vukas-fashion, G&N Corporation does not limit itself to just one market, but explores profitable investments in numerous sectors and industries. From import and export transactions, to fitness and health-related projects, to participations in retail companies dealing with necessities to luxuries, from furniture to cosmetics – Vukas’ secret to success is to always keep an open mind for business opportunities and hand down that wisdom to his loyal clients who have come to rely on his expert opinion for their investment decisions.

Years of experience in trading with real estate across the United States have taught Lou Vukas to spot lucrative trends long before others pick up on it. His current focus is on high-end properties, especially in Miami and Las Vegas – two cities that are attracting an increasing number of foreign buyers. Vukas is utilizing his long-established connections with Chinese business leaders to get investors from Asia on board. More and more CEOs and company owners, who have been doing import and export businesses with Vukas for years, are now turning to him for assistance in purchasing real estate in the United States.

A strong believer in giving back to society, Lou Vukas frequently donates to Smile Train, an international charity that sends funds and medical training to developing countries to help children with cleft lip and palate get the surgery they need to live a happy and healthy life. Another cause benefiting from Vukas’s generosity is the Guide Dog Foundation, a New York-based organization that gives trained guide dogs to blind and visually impaired people to promote their independence and mobility.